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Lubelskie Centrum Informacji Europejskiej NASZE PROJEKTYLubelskie Centrum I

Fundacja Centrum Rozwoju Lokalnego
Al. Spółdzielczości Pracy 28, lok. 4
20-126 Lublin / Poland

tel. +48 81 442 00 15

About the Foundation


Mission and goals of the Foundation


The main objectives of the Foundation are:
• promote and support local and regional development ,
• activating and empowering people to take an active role in the development of local and regional
• support economic development and entrepreneurship development ,
• support the development of local communities ,
• rural development and agriculture,
• develop and strengthen attitudes focused on an active contribution to the development of civil society,
• promoting European integration and the development of contacts and cooperation nationally and internationally.

The Foundation's activities

The main activities of the Foundation are :
• Enabling and take any action for the development of the area of the Foundation ,
• preparation of expert opinions, reports, analyzes and other studies ,
• organization, management and funding of scientific research ,
• making and maintaining contacts and cooperation with organizations in Poland and abroad ,
• organization, management and financing of the information and training , in particular, seminars, training , conferences, scientific meetings and workshops.
• co-operation and exchange of experience with operators within the scope of the Foundation's objectives at the national and international levels,
• to raise funds from the programs and funds of the European Union and other sources of support for the objectives of the Foundation ,
• to promote, initiate and conduct other activities aimed at achieving the objectives of the Foundation.




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The Foundation Board


dr Mariusz W. Sienkiewicz - President of the Board 

tel. 081 442 00 16, kom. 0 602 433 676

Życiorys zawodowy


Foundation Council


dr Monika Sidor – President of the Foundation Council
dr Katarzyna Kuć-Czajkowska – Vicepresident of the Foundation Council


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