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Fundacja Centrum Rozwoju Lokalnego
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20-126 Lublin / Poland

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Our partners

Centre for Local Development Foundation pursuing statutory cooperate with domestic and foreign partners, with local government unit , business organizations and NGOs.


 The main national partners of the Foundation include:

- Provincial Government of Lublin

- Municipal Districts and Municipalities of the Region of Lublin

- Associations and organizations of entrepreneurs and employers , in particular, Lublin Business Club and the Polish- Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

- Farmers

- Non-governmental sector organizations

- WYG International Polish

- Foundation "Young Democracy"

- Association of Local Action Group "Polesie"




 Foreign partners of the Foundation are mainly representatives of local government and non-governmental organizations from the territory of Ukraine. As part of the projects we have partnership with international partners: Volyn Region and Transcarpathian Region.

In particular, we pride ourselves in cooperation with:

- Vladimir Volyn District Administration

- Administrative Region Kivertsi

- Council District Horohow

- Council District Turysk

- City Lutsk, Ukraine

- Youth Centre for Social Organization of Volyn " Our Case " in Lutsk , Ukraine

- Union of Farmers and Landowners Volyn Lutsk in Ukraine

- European Information Centre in Lutsk, Ukraine

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